BLACK IN AMERICA: BLACK & BLUE (2014) 50 mins.


BLACK IN AMERICA: BLACK & BLUE is a one-hour broadcast program produced for CNN Documentary & Special Presentations that documents the breaking point in aggressive over-policing by the NYPD in New York's minority neighborhoods. Through intimate character-driven portraits of young black and Latino men and first-hand coverage of veteran and rookie cops, BLACK & BLUE tells the dramatic story of New York City's fractured police-community relationship and a new administration's attempts to reform the nations largest police department.

With dramatic footage of violent police encounters, an exclusive interview with the most powerful police chief in the country, drive-alongs in one of the City's most dangerous precincts, and chilling conversations between a mother and son, the film gets at the heart of one of the most divisive and discussed issues of our times - the persistent racial divide as seen through the prism of urban policing.

Co-directed with Ross Tuttle and hosted by Soledad O'Brien, BLACK & BLUE documents a transformational year in American policing building up to the controversial deaths of Eric Garner at the hands of Staten Island police - just weeks prior to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Through these and other stories of young black New Yorkers who fear they could become the next Eric Garner or Mike Brown, BLACK & BLUE unflinchingly documents the current zeitgeist of aggressive policing in minority communities - one that impacts not just New York City but all major urban centers in the US.

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